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shari   Posted  On   Aug 18,2015 11:00 AM

i would love to go there... I wonder with who? nyahaha

shari   Posted  On   Aug 12,2015 16:12 PM

vacuum cleaner etc

my boss needs a coffee maker, a juicer and vacuum cleaner ... and some choices for air purifier and humidifier... thnx

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shari   Posted  On   Aug 12,2015 11:25 AM

very nice! thanks for this!! more of this kind please!!

shari   Posted  On   Aug 11,2015 11:10 AM

I prefer saving my saliva instead! :-) I think silence instead of nagging is best~ by doing so your husband and/or children will wonder ... and maybe they will just do good!!

shari   Posted  On   Aug 7,2015 11:15 AM

clothes rack

i need a clothes rack just like the one previosly posted on the moving out sale...

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shari   Posted  On   Aug 6,2015 16:12 PM

clarification... when you say native English speaker does that means he/she should be American?

shari   Posted  On   Aug 3,2015 16:24 PM

scooter raincoat

the scooter raincoats are of so good qualities at a cheap price!!thnx asoeasy!! thnx for making shopping so easy!! :-)

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shari   Posted  On   Jul 31,2015 22:27 PM

are you a foreigner too?  do you have an age criteria for a friend? let me know ...

shari   Posted  On   Jul 30,2015 11:57 AM

Electric Fan

I want to buy either a stand fan or a desk fan...

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shari   Posted  On   Jul 29,2015 17:47 PM

I am a straight forward, no-nonsense person... but jolly most of all!! :-)