Checklist for Trip to China | Newbies

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Before leaving for China, make sure you have packed all the things listed in this article:


Double check that you have all of the important documents with you:

- Passport

- Visa

- Itinerary

- ID

- Insurance policy


We recommend that you bring a photocopy of your:

- Medial record with your doctor’s name, address and phone number attached;

- Emergency contact phone number.


Make copies of all your important documents and put them in different places in case you lose or misplace any of them.


- Visa/Master Card

- Chinese currency


  • American Express card is not usually accepted in China.

  • Exchange for some Chinese Yuan before leaving. Credit card is not accepted everywhere in China. So make sure you have some RMB with you.

  • Tip is not mandatory in China.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If you want to access websites and apps such as Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in China, VPN is required. We recommend that you purchase the service before you leave for China.


China is a vast country and the temperature varies from region to region. Do check the daytime and nighttime weather of your destination and bring the right clothes.

General temperatures in China:



Keep in mind, sizes of clothes are a lot smaller in China than you are used to.

Toiletries & Medicine

Pack up all your toiletries and medicines such as antibiotic cream, pills and daily vitamins. It’s a good idea to have these medicines available just in case you get food poisoning or traveler’s diarrhea.

Address in China

Make sure you have your address written in Chinese. This will become helpful when showing the driver while you are taking a taxi. Write down your address on multiple pieces of paper and put them in different clothes.

Charger & Power Adaptor

The Chinese use two-prong plug:


The common power voltage is 220V/50HZ in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, and 110V/60HZ in Taiwan. Make sure that your charger works on the power supply of your destination, otherwise you may need a power adapter.

Electronic Device

- Laptop

- Smartphone

- Tablet

- Camera