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Badaling Great Wall

 The Great Wall is not only the magnum opus of human being but also the soul of China!  And the Badaling Great Wall is the eximious representation of The Great Wall.  On the peak of the Badaling, The Great Wall is towering. It goes up to the South peak and north peak from the Guan city, convolves...More

100%x200 Forbidden City

The Forbidden City stands in the center of Beijing. It is pr...More

100%x200 Summer Palace

The Summer Palace, originally named as Qingyiyuan (Garden of...More

100%x200 Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park

Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park, located in the West Moun...More

100%x200 Beijing Zoo

Situated in the Xicheng District, Beijing Zoo was the first ...More

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10 Best Places to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in China

lucy Posted on Mar 24,2018

10 Best Places to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in China2018-03-22 Best is FortuneCookiePostEvery year in March and April, it is the season to enjoy cherry blossoms. The transiently splendid Sakura always impress visitors with its beauty. While Sak...See more

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Traveling to Shanghai

sandy Posted on Mar 23,2018

Just like New York and Boston, Shanghai is a developed metropolis with much to explore. The best way to discover Shanghai is to visit its most popular and representative attractions.Grasp the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful water town befor...See more

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Dong tai hang ---- an amazing place

Bella Posted on Oct 16,2017

Dong tai hang ---- an amazing place!The road is on the cliff , the glass skywalk will make you shout!price :240 Yuan/ peron (including cable car)东太行景区位于河北邯郸武安市境内,因所处太行山东麓而得名。规划总面积26平方公里,最高海拔1428米...See more

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Checklist for Trip to China | Newbies

lucy Posted on Aug 29,2017

Before leaving for China, make sure you have packed all the things listed in this article:DocumentDouble check that you have all of the important documents with you:- Passport- Visa- Itinerary- ID- Insurance policy We recommend that you bri...See more

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Lugu Lake

tianzb Posted on Jul 31,2017

Lugu Lake (Chinese: ; Pinyin: Lúgū Hú) is a high mountain plateau lake, 2685 meters above sea level, located 202 km northeast of Lijiang on the border of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in China. The lake is 48....See more

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