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Asoeasy Chinese class(时间(一))

Asoeasy Chinese class:时间(一)

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Counselling language:Chinese

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点(diǎn) o’clock
一(yì)点(diǎn) one o’clock 
两(liǎnɡ)点(diǎn) two o’clock   
三(sān)点(diǎn) three o’clock 

现在(xiànzài)几(jǐ)点(diǎn)?What time is it?
现在(xiànzài)三(sān)点(diǎn)。  It is three o’clock.

半(bàn) half
一(yì)点(diǎn)半(bàn) half past one 
三(sān)点(diǎn)半(bàn) half past three      
七(qī)点(diǎn)半(bàn)  half past seven

分(fēn) minute
一(yì)点(diǎn)五(wǔ)分(fēn) five minutes past one    
一(yì)点(diǎn)零(líng)五(wǔ)分(fēn)  five minutes past one 
一(yì)点(diǎn)零(líng)五(wǔ)  five minutes past one

刻(kè) a quarter
两(liǎng)点(diǎn)一(yī)刻(kè) quarter past two  
两(liǎng)点(diǎn)十(shí)五(wǔ)分(fēn) quarter past two