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Professional Lessons

Standard Chinese - Beginner & Intermediate Level

Language:Chinese Total number of classes : Price:¥80.00 Helping Chinese language learners can communicate with other peoples. It contains introduce elementary vocabulary and sentences in Mandarin Chinese. New words and structures are presented within a number of basic everyday subjects, e.g. family, shopping, hobbies, transportation, etc.

Standard Chinese - Advanced Level

Language:Chinese Total number of classes : Price:¥88.00 The students are required to know at around 1500 Chinese words.Helping students can express their opinions and general topics with good intonation. To read from newspapers and magazines, understand radio and television broadcasts, and can express themselves systematically using appropriate expressio...

HSK Test Preparation

Language: Total number of classes : Price:¥98.00 The HSK, or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, is China's officially recognized language proficiency exam. HSK results are internationally recognized as proof of Chinese language proficiency, and it is popular for non-native Chinese speakers to take the test sometime during their language study. The new HSK exa...

About Him/Her

I received a Bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Beijing Language and Culture University in 2008. I also have been a teacher for over seven years providing one on one and small group lessons. I am very enjoying in teaching.


09/2007--07/2009  Beijing Language & Culture University
Degree : Bachelor

09/1999--07/2002  Beijing Information Technical College
Degree : Other

Work Experience

05/2012--09/2013  Chinese Language Education
Position :Program Manager
- Plan and organize all kinds of activities in Beijing & other provinces in China for foreigners. - Developing the market, hire the new students for school. - Contacting other schools & training organizations in China & overseas to build the cooperate relationship. - Making the study plan for students, teaching Chinese courses. - Updating & maintaining our website.

07/2008--02/2012  MandarinHouse
Position :Teacher & Teaching Supervisor
- Mainly in charge of routing work which is teaching Mandarin as second language for foreigners. - Planning and organizing various activities for foreign students in Beijing. - Introducing and explaining tourist spots, and conducting propaganda Chinese culture to them. - In charge of organizing teachers' monthly training and assessment. - I also take the responsibility for all arrangement and school administration.