• 寒假有打算吗?

    Posted on Jan 22,2018 17:15 PM by sky

    寒假有打算吗?Do you have plan in this long holiday ? 东北太冷,南边太贵,郁闷中。。。

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  • How to Text the Police in China

    Posted on Jan 10,2018 16:59 PM by Tzb

    China is generally a place safe for foreigners and locals alike, however, it's always a good idea to know safety measures, to ensure your safety regardless of circumstance.What can you do, when there is an emergency situation but you are unable to call the police? Thankfully, Chinese Police have...

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  • 对外汉语听力教材推荐

    Posted on Jan 3,2018 17:13 PM by Anne

    对外汉语听力教材推荐看到一篇好文章,可以帮助对外汉语老师和外国人练习听力。对外汉语听力教材推荐2016-10-09 烨子 元任对外汉语一、《发展汉语(第二版)·听力》系列(含配套教案,PPT,CD)听力系列教材共6册,是《发展汉语(第二版)综合 》系列的配套教程。本教材注重选材的广泛性与实用性,注重听说结合。以真实的语...

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  • 有一些中国人不喜欢圣诞节,你呢?

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  • How to Order Food Online in China

    Posted on Dec 8,2017 14:17 PM by yuner

    原创 2017-12-01 Best is FortuneCookiePostAs the boost of e-commerce and O2O business in China, food delivery service has been taken to a whole new level in this country. To order food online, all you have to do is signing up with your address and phone number, selecting meals, paying the bill and wa...

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  • 13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

    Posted on Nov 21,2017 09:22 AM by Martin

    What do you think about this article?Sometimes, to become successful, we do not need to add more things, we need to give up on some of them.Even though each one of us has a different definition of success, there are certain things that are universal, which, if you give up on them, you will be more s...

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  • 汉语系学生在英国遭疯抢!老外:天知道为学中文我经历了什么

    Posted on Nov 15,2017 15:19 PM by Amy

    近年来,中文在国外越来越吃香了。会说一口流利的中文真的能让你走上人生巅峰!最近就有英媒报道,英国的就业形势日益严峻,但中文系的英国毕业生却越来越抢手。文章指出,Chinese has overtaken French, Spanish and German to become one of the most lucrative foreign languages for jobseekers in the UK. Research sh...

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  • What You Should Know About Transferring Money Abroad 2017-11-05 GiC Team GuideinChina

    Posted on Nov 6,2017 18:17 PM by lucy

    The Remittance ConundrumPhoto:BaiduAlmost all foreigners employed in China run into this problem sooner or later. They are getting paid in RMB and want to send some of their salary back home, either for bills and payments to be made abroad, or to transfer their savings out of China before moving bac...

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  • 外媒:“全世界都在讲中国话”已不仅仅是句歌词

    Posted on Nov 1,2017 08:29 AM by yuner

    凤凰新闻2天前原标题:外媒:“全世界都在讲中国话”已不仅仅是句歌词中国日报网10月30日电 据美国侨报网10月29日报道,近来,关于汉语在世界各国持续升温的报道不断见诸媒体,这让我们有理由相信,“全世界都在讲中国话”已经不仅仅是一句歌词。 “汉语热”席卷全球,背后的助力因素是中国国际地位的提升、中国经济的发展...

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  • 官方通知 | 2018年HSK BCT YCT考试时间确定

    Posted on Oct 24,2017 14:23 PM by sidaorui


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