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Top 10 Common Differences Between Western and Chinese Culture

NiubiPanda 2016-04-06While many articles have been written about cross-cultural misunderstandings and miscommunications betweenforeigners and Chinese, often times, these articles are written from the perspective of the expat. The following article, which recently appeared on, follows similar ground but from a Chinese perspective, and for a Chinese audience (hence all of references to "foreigners" which in this case, generally means "Westerners"). While we may t...

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How to Calculate Your Tax Rate in China?

  • by Elisa
  • Apr 24,2018 14:33 PM

Best is FortuneCookiePostTaxes may feel boring or tedious, but let’s face it they’re a key part of being an adult. When you’re living in a foreign country like China, they become even more important: the last thing you want is to get underpaid simply because you didn’t understand about the tax rate in China for foreigners. Well, don’t worry—taxes aren’t that complicated once you break it all down. Here’s what you need to know as an international worker in China:Opening A Bank Account

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  • by Bella
  • Mar 24,2018 14:47 PM

1、如果……(的话),(S)就…… // 要是……(的话),(S)就……The clause following “如果” is a hypothesis, and the clause after “就” is the result based on the hypothesis. For example:如果你太累了,就休息一会儿。如果有钱的话,我就去旅游。2、只要……就……“只要……就……” is used to connect two clauses of a conditional complex sentence, with “只要” introducing a necessary condition and “就” followed by the consequent result. For example:(1) 只要你喜欢,我就给你买。(2) 只要你想去,我就陪你去。(3) 只要他有时间,就一定会去打篮球。

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  • by sky
  • Jan 22,2018 17:15 PM

寒假有打算吗?Do you have plan in this long holiday ? 东北太冷,南边太贵,郁闷中。。。

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How to Text the Police in China

  • by Tzb
  • Jan 10,2018 16:59 PM

China is generally a place safe for foreigners and locals alike, however, it's always a good idea to know safety measures, to ensure your safety regardless of circumstance.What can you do, when there is an emergency situation but you are unable to call the police? Thankfully, Chinese Police have a solution for this, as there is number of situations where this feature can be life saving.These situations could be a bank robbery, kidnapping, when you are in a dangerous area, and more.The Chine...

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  • by Anne
  • Jan 3,2018 17:13 PM

对外汉语听力教材推荐看到一篇好文章,可以帮助对外汉语老师和外国人练习听力。对外汉语听力教材推荐2016-10-09 烨子 元任对外汉语一、《发展汉语(第二版)·听力》系列(含配套教案,PPT,CD)听力系列教材共6册,是《发展汉语(第二版)综合 》系列的配套教程。本教材注重选材的广泛性与实用性,注重听说结合。以真实的语料和全方位的练习全面提高学习者听解高级汉语的能力,在语境中理解常用成语、习语的意义。  听力课本每册均包括“练习与活动”和“文本与答案”两个分册,独立装订,既满足教师授课需要,又方便学生复习或自学。二...

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  • by Martin
  • Dec 25,2017 17:04 PM


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How to Order Food Online in China

  • by yuner
  • Dec 8,2017 14:17 PM

原创 2017-12-01 Best is FortuneCookiePostAs the boost of e-commerce and O2O business in China, food delivery service has been taken to a whole new level in this country. To order food online, all you have to do is signing up with your address and phone number, selecting meals, paying the bill and waiting for the food to arrive at your door in about 30 minutes.This article is a detailed introduction on how to order food on the most popular delivery App Meituan. Before we get start, make sure you...

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13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

  • by Martin
  • Nov 21,2017 09:22 AM

What do you think about this article?Sometimes, to become successful, we do not need to add more things, we need to give up on some of them.Even though each one of us has a different definition of success, there are certain things that are universal, which, if you give up on them, you will be more successful.Some of them you can give up today, while it might take a bit longer for others.1. Give Up On The Unhealthy LifestyleTake care of your body. It is the only place you have to live.  — Jim ...

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  • by Amy
  • Nov 15,2017 15:19 PM

近年来,中文在国外越来越吃香了。会说一口流利的中文真的能让你走上人生巅峰!最近就有英媒报道,英国的就业形势日益严峻,但中文系的英国毕业生却越来越抢手。文章指出,Chinese has overtaken French, Spanish and German to become one of the most lucrative foreign languages for jobseekers in the UK. Research shows graduates in Chinese earn an average yearly salary of £31,000 or more.中文已经超越法语、西语、德语,成为英国市场上最受用人单位欢迎的外语之一。研究显示,学中文的毕业生平均年薪达3.1万英镑(约合人民...

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