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I‘m patient and easy-going
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Zhang Dong
ChineseNT , EnglishT
I believe being kind and patient, listen to my students with full attention, is the best way to help students learn the Chinese language. I am well prepared for each lesson and rea...
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ChineseNT , EnglishT , FrenchT
Study Chinese with me!!won't let you down ! I will be patient with you ,don't worry!
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几天前,我回法国了,看看爸爸,见见朋友, 现在我没事儿,我来学习学习中文,朋友们和我学习中文啊。

Stephen 3days ago

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How to Order Food Online in China

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原创 2017-12-01 Best is FortuneCookiePostAs the boost of e-commerce and O2O business in China, food delivery service has been taken to a whole new level in this country. To order food online, all you have to do is signing up with your address and pho...

yuner 9days ago