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I‘m patient and easy-going
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Zhang Dong
ChineseNT , EnglishT
I believe being kind and patient, listen to my students with full attention, is the best way to help students learn the Chinese language. I am well prepared for each lesson and rea...
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Study Chinese with me!!won't let you down ! I will be patient with you ,don't worry!
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Long time :很(hěn)长(cháng)时(shí)间(jiān) /很(hěn)久(jiǔ) How long :多(duō)长(cháng)时(shí)间(jiān) /多(duō)久(jiǔ)It is easy , right?

sky 1months ago

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寒假有打算吗?Do you have plan in this long holiday ? 东北太冷,南边太贵,郁闷中。。。

sky 1months ago