Chinese Visa Helper: Student Visa(X),Working Visa(Z), Business Visa;TESOL Certificate&Reliable Servi...

Nov 27,2017

Hello Dear Friends:This is Allen,I have over 3 years working experience related to foreign relationships.Mostly I help foreigners with finding job issues but I also do visa for them.I can do student v...

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Inspire IPTV Subscription in Beijing , Shanghai , China

Nov 14,2017

HotHD Inspire IPTV Package contain more than 360+ TV Channels as you saw at below list , it contain worldwide news , sports , movies , entertainments , kids channels , learning channles , it conain on...

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Global SKY IPTV Subscription in Beijing , Shanghai , China

Nov 10,2017

Remember : Your home must have Telecom or unicom internet and router , Please contact us if interested.China TV Channels :001: CCTV1HD002: CCTV2HD003: CCTV3HD004: CCTV4HD005: CCTV5HD006: CCTV5+HD007: ...

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China Visa Services

Nov 3,2017

100% gurantee no damage or lost.Do you have such kind of problem?When you want to renew your visa, you will take the long way and spend a lot of money to travel to Hong Kong for just 3 minutes paperwo...

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近100家驻华大使馆“摆地摊”等你来“海淘” | 10.29北京工人体育场

Oct 24,2017

2017-10-23 中国扶贫基金会一天之内不出国门,你就可以现场海淘各国宝贝不出京城,你就可以品尝全球美食、感受世界文化更重要的是,这是一场公益扶贫活动Bingo!一年一度的“大爱无国界”国际义卖活动又来了话不多说...

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Engaged in the wedding etiquette service, business, opening ceremony, planning and venue one-stop se...

Oct 17,2017

About us:Beijing eternal happiness wedding planning company is registered by the industrial and commercial bureau professional wedding company, engaged in the wedding etiquette service, business, ope...

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Oct 13,2017

Hi friend,I am a tour guide based in Beijng. I have been a tour guide for 3 years. I can show you around Beijing and bring you to taste the good food. The places I can show you are following:1. Great ...

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One Day Shanghainese Snack Trip

Sep 26,2017

Although there are countless delicious food in Shanghai, but in the eyes of the local people, these kinds of snacks in these several restaurants are the best. If you have not eaten these snacks, your ...

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Cars and Licenses

Sep 21,2017

Chinese driver’s licenseUsed car salesNew car registration Car ownership transfer serviceCar yearly inspectionCar fixing and maintenance serviceCar insurance Car rental serviceRoadside assistance mem...

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Drum Lessons Beijing Professional Experienced Musician / Teacher from US English

Sep 11,2017

This is a great opportunity to learn to play drums in English from a professional American musician. Extremely experienced master drummer, teacher, writer and researcher living near Beixinqiao offerin...

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