Free Chinese Proficiency Assessment

Mar 15,2018

If you have learned Chinese before and want to know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how to improve your language ability further, the Chinese teachers can give you a professional assessme...

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Mar 14,2018

考级是检验艺术学习阶段性成果的重要标准,2018年上半年教育部全国书画等级考试将在5月份开展 请参加教育部考级的同学和家长根据不同的考级科目、级别等按要求进行报名2018上半年考级报名详情自2017年始教育...

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Why Don’t Girls in China Like Compliments?

Mar 13,2018

We all know those girls who have a hard time taking a compliment. Well, in China, there are lots of girls who don’t like to be called a “美女 (měinǚ) beauty.”美女 (měinǚ): n. beautiful woman; b...

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Marketing & Travel Agent (Native French Speaking)

Feb 27,2018

The China Guide is a travel agency that specializes in tailoring private customized tours for individuals visiting China from all over the world. We are currently hiring a native French Speaking trave...

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Engaged in the wedding etiquette service, business, opening ceremony, planning and venue one-stop se...

Feb 3,2018

-->About us:Beijing eternal happiness wedding planning company is registered by the industrial and commercial bureau professional wedding company, engaged in the wedding etiquette service, business, ...

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Dcn Orthopeadic Hospital

Jan 10,2018

DCN Orthopeadic hospital is a private hospital with international standard medical care.Its international department provide medical service for foreign patients in Beijing, and patients with commerci...

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Jan 9,2018


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Chinese Visa Helper: Student Visa(X),Working Visa(Z), Business Visa;TESOL Certificate&Reliable Servi...

Nov 27,2017

Hello Dear Friends:This is Allen,I have over 3 years working experience related to foreign relationships.Mostly I help foreigners with finding job issues but I also do visa for them.I can do student v...

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Inspire IPTV Subscription in Beijing , Shanghai , China

Nov 14,2017

HotHD Inspire IPTV Package contain more than 360+ TV Channels as you saw at below list , it contain worldwide news , sports , movies , entertainments , kids channels , learning channles , it conain on...

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Global SKY IPTV Subscription in Beijing , Shanghai , China

Nov 10,2017

Remember : Your home must have Telecom or unicom internet and router , Please contact us if interested.China TV Channels :001: CCTV1HD002: CCTV2HD003: CCTV3HD004: CCTV4HD005: CCTV5HD006: CCTV5+HD007: ...

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