Novotel Beijing Xinqiao Christmas Eve Dinner Party on 24 December (Sunday)

Dec 15,2017

Novotel Beijing Xinqiao Christmas Eve Dinner Party on 24 December (Sunday)Come and join with us and get yourself a chance to win a free round trip tickets to PH Cebu, Bali, 5 day trip to Fukuoka or H...

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Enjoy your life here ,relax...

Dec 13,2017

"燃逅THEN" is a wonderful restaurant,elegant ambient ,delicious food , let you relax,enjoy your life here !Address : No.29 , Bai zi Wan lu, Chao yang Qu, Beijing北京市朝阳区百子湾路29号Openi...

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Dec 6,2017


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Looking for Language Partner (Spanish)

Dec 2,2017

Hi There, Due to business reasons, I would like to find a friend here who can help me with Spanish. I am currently at level 0, :) hope you don't mind to get me started from scratch. In return, I c...

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Online Spanish Lessons

Nov 29,2017

Do you want to learn Spanish? too busy to go to school? we have a special offer this month! Online Spanish Lessons with a native and experienced teacher. If you are interested please send an email to...

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Looking for a Chinese Language Partner Around Wudaokou Area...

Nov 16,2017

大家好, 您学习英语还是韩语吗? 我能帮助。 我来北京 学习汉语在清华大学。 我已经住北京两个月。 我找中国人语言伙伴帮我联系说中文。我只住北京6月 这样 我想要很快进步跟中国话。 交换, 我能帮中国人说英语还是韩语。 我希望听回答如果有人想要见面。 请 给我打电话只 如果你能每周见面。 感谢。 民国 邮电: 微信: mkpark90 (박민국)

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Free Chinese Class for Beginners

Nov 8,2017

Good news!!Free Chinese class for beginners!!!! Time : every Saturday 13:40-15:40 in November Group: 4-6 people Location: Beijing, Shijingshan District, Wanda Plaza building F, Office 812 wechat :b...

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Homestay in Beijing With Local Families-A Culture Exchange Program

Oct 26,2017

Do you want to know more about the local people,culture, and life?Do you need to focus on your studies or work?If so, Homestay is the best way to do it.Homestay program was designed to provide partici...

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The eve of All Saints'Day - 难忘的万圣之夜活动

Oct 23,2017

万圣节前夕 - 在每年的10月31日,是西方世界的传统节日,主要流行于撒克逊人后裔云集的美国、不列颠群岛、澳大利亚、加拿大和新西兰等西方国家。当晚小孩会穿上化妆服,戴上面具,挨家挨户收集糖果等。万圣夜是诸圣...

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Language Partner

Oct 16,2017

Hi, Derek. I work for a company in beijing. Our company is expading our business overseas, so I need to improve my English. I'm looking for an English Partner (Ameican accent is better ! ) . In re...

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