About Travelling

We provide four types of services: 

1. Tourist attractions.We have collected the most of Chinese tourist cities and tourist attractions. We provide relevant ticket information, information about traffic, and travel diaries about every destination. We hope you will find it helpful!

2. Travel diary. Every time you travel, you have great memories. In every tourist attraction, every little surprise becomes an experience that you can write down, and let your family and know about your trip. Diaries also contain a lot of travelling information to help other people who want to travel.

3. Travel plans.If you want to travel, but don’t want to travel alone, you can write up a travel plan to show where and how you want to go. There are many like-minded people all over the world, who would love to join you! Travelling together is a good way to make new friends and have fun. You can also join other people’s travel plans. 

4. Gallery.During every journey you will take many beautiful photos. Express your own style, record beautiful things, and add your photos. Let us enjoy your amazing trip as well!