About Living

When you encounter a problem with something such as renting an apartment, looking for a job, paying for your electricity bills etc., we can help you. We have a powerful advertising information system, so you can find the information you need to learn about:

1. Available Jobs

2. Looking for a Job

3. Making Friends

4. Apartments for Rent

5. Seeking an Apartment

6. Seeking a Roommate

7. Second-Hand Items Buying or Selling

8. New Items for Sale

9. Tickets

10. Movies & Music

11. Cars & Drivers

12. Movers and Logistics

13. Volunteer Opportunities

We can also help you to recharge the phone card from China Mobile, China Unicom, and Telecom's telephone numbers. It is easy and quick to do on the recharging page, you can get it done in five minutes.

You also can pay for the electricity, gas, and water bills in your apartment (only in some areas). Dealing with these payments online will be very convenient, and save you a lot of time!

On our web, you will also find Chinese and international news. If you follow our webpage, you will know about all the major events and local news in the world.   

We also offer online services. Let us know about what you want, and we will try to find a way to help you.