Payment Method provides four payment options. Below, you will find a guide to the different payment methods used by, so you can choose the way that fits your needs.

1. Union Pay Card Payment (Recommended) 

2. Online Banking Payment   

3. PayPal

4. Balance Payment


1. Union Pay Card Payment

You only need to have a Chinese UnionPay bank card. When you choose this payment, you only need to enter your bankcard number, and the bank system will display automatically to which bank it belongs. Fill in the required information carefully, the bank system will send a dynamic verification code to your phone number that you entered to make sure you are operating the card. Enter the dynamic verification code, click on Activate and pay to finish the payment.


1. You can choose the English language .

2. When you use this payment on Google for the first time, you will need to upload Security controls to protect your account. If CVN2 or PIN control is blocked, please click on the top right icon and select ‘Always allow the use of on’.


3. The system will automatically identify the type of affiliated banks and the card. Depending on the type of your card number, enter the correct information during the payment operations.

                                        Credit card

                                        Savings card

4. The system will send a dynamic verification code to you. It will be in Chinese, so please just enter the 6-digit Verification Code.;

Verification Code examples:付款验证码888888,任何人索取验证码均为诈骗,切勿泄露!尾号4593的银行卡向北京爱搜易付款45.99CNY。【中国银联】

The message says: Payment verification code is 888888, any individual who asks you about the verification code is trying to scam you, don’t share it! The last digits on the bankcard are 4593, the payment to “Asoeasy” is 45.99 CNY. 【China UnionPay】

2. Online Banking Payment

If you choose this payment method, you will be redirected to this page. Make sure that you have activated online banking with your card. 


1. Choose the Bank;

2. Select the type of bankcard - credit card or savings card;

3. Enter the bank payment page, fill in the required information carefully, and complete the payment. 

3. PayPal Payment

Use your Visa or Mastercard credit card through PayPal's payment system, or use your PayPal account to pay for the purchase. When submitting an order, the system will automatically convert the price into US dollars at current exchange rates. You can use dollars to pay.

4. Balance Payment

Balance payment can be used to pay with prepaid account registered with us. You just enter the payment password, and the payment will be complete.