Advertising rules

Posting ads on is free of charge, as this section is supposed to be useful to our readers. According with the local regulations, we will check all content submitted to our site. In order to maintain the quality of our classifieds content, and to ensure the effectiveness of this website for both submitters and readers, we want to ensure a good web environment. Please bear the following points in mind:

1. Always follow the law. According to the local regulations, we cannot allow any kind of profanities, pornography or inflammatory content in the ads. Please do not use personals to post ads for one-night stands, extramarital affairs, threesomes or any other “immoral” sexual activities. We will also delete all ads that might be suspect of soliciting prostitution. If your ad will be seen as violating the law, we will block you from our website. If you post something severely violating the Chinese law, we will have to report you to the authorities.

2. Language. Our website currently supports only Chinese and English. We will try to improve our system and provide services in wider variety of languages, but for the time being, your ads have to be in English or Chinese.

3. About personal ads. Please do not repost the same ad, and avoid providing your personal contact in personal ads, such as your phone number, QQ, WeChat, or email. In order to avoid unwanted messages, please put your ads in the correct category. Repeated violation of these rules can result in blocking your account.

4. Wait till we approve your ad. We moderate all submitted ads within 24-48 hours after you post them, but it might take slightly longer during holiday or over the weekend. Once you have submitted an ad, it will take at least a few hours before it will be displayed. Ads will be approved in the order of moderation queue - please do not write or call us to approve your ad early.

We hope you will enjoy using our website!




2、关于语言 :目前我们的系统只支持中文和英文两种语言,我们会努力完善我们的系统,力求支持各种语言,但目前为止,如果您的广告内容完全为非中、英语语言,您的广告将不予通过。


4、用户所发布的广告需要一定的时间进行审核才能通过 :由于信息量大,我们努力在广告提交后24至48小时之内完成审核,但请您谅解我们需要更长的时间如遇周末、法定节假日或其他不可抗力因素来审核并通过您的广告。如果您在提交广告数小时后未见其发布,请您耐心等待,您的广告会在规定时间内发布,除非您告知我们取消发布。分类广告需要按照待审核广告列表中的顺序进行审核,为确保公平,请勿要求我们提前为您通过。