Tell us what kind of item(s) you want to purchase

If you cannot find the items you want, you can write a wish for an item on your profile and post it. When other people get to know about your wish, if they also want it, they can join your wish. We will try our best to find the item, and offer it for a decent price and good quality. Then we will let you know when you can buy it on our website.

1. Login, click on My Shopping in your personal account menu. You will see Wish List. Click on Add a wish to write down what you want to buy, and click on Submit.


2. If you want to buy things together with others, the price will be slightly cheaper, but you will need to wait longer. Go to the Shopping menu. You will find your wish in the Wish List. Other users will be able to see your wish. They can also join your wish. If the number of the buyers is over 5 or 10 – depending on the item -, we will send you a message that we can now fulfill your wish. You can directly click on the product name to purchase it directly.