"My Chinese Complex" - photos collection .

Do you want to be the owner of an iPhone 6 Plus mobile phone or iPad Mini or Apajia Air Purifier? Are you a foreigner? Do you love China? Then upload your attractive photos in China and show your love for China.


Registration and Uploading of Photos:  

1. (a) For new users please Log in www.asoeasy.com ,our system will send one email to your email address , please click that link in your email to finish registration(our existing users can participate by using their user name)(b) go to your page by clicking on your user name , (c) click “My Ads” , (d) then click “Awards event” , (e) you will see a button of “post” , (f) click on it to Upload one of your photos (If you can't upload your photos, please contact: service@asoeasy.com). After this, you can see all the information about your picture.

Choose Photo and Give Vote

2. (a) Click on “Living” to see all the photos , (b) then click on “Photo Competition”, you will see all photos and rankings. (c) Then choose the picture and (d) click on it, (e) finally click on “Vote”.

3. Duration of competition: January 1, 2016 to March 15, 2016.

4. Prize distribution: April 1, 2016 to April 15, 2016.



First prize: One iPhone 6 Plus or 5000 RMB Travel cost support in China (Points more than 5000 and 1st position).

Second prize: Two iPad Mini (one for each and Points more than 3000).

Third prize: Five Apajia Air Purifier Machine (one for each and Points more than 2000).

Memorial Prize: Fifty 8GB USB (one for each, top 50 person except 1st to 3rd prize winner).

NB: One person will be eligible for one prize according to points and position (1 vote 1 point).


Activity rules:   

1.  Submit your real photos, not stolen or Photo Shop (PS) edited photos (illegal or false photos and information will be disqualified).

2.  This competition is limited only for foreigners living in China, (But foreigners from other counties can register in www.asoeasy.com  and can give vote to make you the winner. So, ask your all the friends to register and give you vote.).

3.   Each user can only give one vote every day.

4.   All rights for taking any decision about this competition are reserved with the Asoeasy Network Technology Co. Ltd only.