One to One Study

Asoeasy offers one to one online learning. Users can choose the teacher online. Teaching can be done on Skype, QQ, or other online communication software. You can download Skype and QQ software from our website, you will wind it in the bottom right corner.

How to study on this website?

1. First, please register as an Asoeasy member.

2. Choose a teacher. You will find the information about the teacher and the course, tuition and time. Choose the course and pay, then choose at what time you want to study. 


( select a teacher)


( select a course )



3. Click on your User Name to access your personal account page. Then click on the My Learning. Go to My Course to see the courses you have purchased, the teacher’s appointments and class times.

Setting up an appointment:

1. Student will apply for an appointment.

2. Teacher will confirm the appointment time, or suggest another time.

3. If the teacher adjusts the time, the student needs to make sure to confirm the time. The student can also suggest another time.

4. Please connect with your teacher on time on QQ or Skype.

5. After class, students confirm the class, and the tuition gets transferred to the teacher.



6After class, please comment on your teacher, and confirm that the class was finished.

How to teach on our website?

1. First, you will need to register as an Asoeasy member, and fill in the personal information.

2. Click on Apply to be a teacher, and provide all the information, especially your teaching video. It will help you to get more attention and pass our check easily.


3. Please set your course times and fees in your personal information section. In My Study menu, click on Time Schedule to set what time you are free to teach. Note: you only need to do Setting the Standard Curriculum once. The time will be the same every week, and if you edit the time, it means that the new time is special.


4. When your application has been approved, you need to set up your course. Click on More in your personal account menu. Select Course Setting page and edit the class information and prices.


5. If somebody requests your course time, you can see it in My Course. You can than adjust or confirm the time with your student.


6. Please, be on time with your student. After confirmation by the student that the class is finished, you may check your account about the fees.