About Asoeasy

www.asoeasy.com is a site dedicated to providing complex services to foreigners. Our motto is: “Provide services as fast as possible, provide good quality, be reliable and honest”. Our services include advertising, shopping, studying, and travelling among others. We look forward to helping you.

1. A powerful information dissemination system: Asoeasy has a user friendly and useful system. You can post about topics such as renting options, rents, work, friends, music, second-hand sale, tickets, or anything else. The exchange is fast, and so is finding what you need.

2. Shopping channels: most of the merchandise on Asoeasy platform comes directly from manufacturers, and our goal is to provide good quality for fair prices. We support four types of payment methods, and you only need a Chinese bank card and can do the payment online. For those who face a lot of problems to pay their utilities due to language barriers and shortage of time, Asoeasy provides services for paying gas, water, electricity, and phone bills.

3. International language learning atmosphere: we have provided high-quality learning resources such as a series of professional Chinese learning videos for the Chinese language enthusiasts. You can also show your learning progress in the discussion boards. There are teachers, who will answer you questions about all kinds of difficulties encountered while learning the language. The teachers can learn with you both online and offline. 

4. The most comprehensive Chinese tourist attractions: We have got familiar with China's major attractions for you. On our website, you can obtain comprehensive travelling information, and can share your travel diaries. More importantly, you can find travel partners by posting travel plans. It will make travelling more convenient for those who don’t have anybody to travel with, but doesn’t want to travel alone. 

5. Customized personal account: You can control everything from your personal account. You can get information about your friends from their own circle of friends. You can see the overview of the payment history on your account, and you can also discuss and communicate Chinese learning with the teachers. Furthermore, you can get all kinds of travel information to organize a travel group.

You also can get the other information such as the weather and news in the world. 

We will continue to optimize our services, hope you will enjoy our web!